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Marion Cousineau

Marion Cousineau
title Alumni


Marion Cousineau received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology in 2010 from Université Paris Descartes and Ecole normale supérieure, where she worked under the supervision of Daniel Pressnitzer in the "Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception".

Her dissertation was entitled "Psychophysical measurement of auditory sequence processing", and investigated the specificity of pitch sequences in normal hearing listeners, and pitch-sequence impairment in cochlear implant listeners.

She is curretly a post-doctoral researcher at BRAMS, Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Isabelle Peretz. In a two-year post-doctoral fellowship funded by the Fyssen Foundation she currently studies the neuro-functionnal origin of the pitch deficit in amusia.


Recent articles

You can browse all my publications from the Publications section.

Albouy, P., Cousineau, M., Caclin, A., Tillmann, B. & Peretz, I. (2016) Impaired encoding of rapid pitch information underlies perception and memory deficits in congenital amusia. Scientific Reports

Cousineau, M., Bidelman, GM., Peretz, I. & Lehmann, A. (2015) On the Relevance of Natural Stimuli for the Study of Brainstem Correlates: The Example of Consonance Perception. Plos One

Cousineau, M., Oxenham, AJ. & Peretz, I. (2015) Congenital amusia: a cognitive disorder limited to resolved harmonics and with no peripheral basis. Neuropsychologia , vol. 66, pp. 293-301