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Brain organization for music processing.

  1. Isabelle Peretz
  2. Robert Zatorre
year 2005
current status published
journal Annual Review of Psychology
volume 56
pages 89-114

Peretz, I. & Zatorre, R. (2005) Brain organization for music processing. Annual Review of Psychology , vol. 56, pp. 89-114


Research on how the brain processes music is emerging as a rich and stimulating area of investigation of perception, memory, emotion, and performance. Results emanating from both lesion studies and neuroimaging techniques are reviewed and integrated for each of these musical functions. We focus our attention on the common core of musical abilities shared by musicians and nonmusicians alike. Hence, the effect of musical training on brain plasticity is examined in a separate section, after a review of the aailable data regarding music playing and reading skills that are typically cultivated by musicians. Finally, we address a currently debated issue regarding the putative existence of music-specific neural networks. Unfortunately, due to scarcity of research on the macrostructure of music organization and on cultural differences, the musical material under focus is at the level of the musical phrase, as typically used in Western popular music.


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