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Happy, sad, scary and peaceful musical excerpts for research on emotions.

  1. Sandrine Vieillard
  2. Isabelle Peretz
  3. Nathalie Gosselin
  4. Stéphanie Khalfa
  5. Lise Gagnon
  6. Bernard Bouchard
year 2008
current status published
journal Cognition and Emotion

Vieillard, S., Peretz, I., Gosselin, N., Khalfa, S., Gagnon, L. & Bouchard, B. (2008) Happy, sad, scary and peaceful musical excerpts for research on emotions. Cognition and Emotion


Three experiments were conducted in order to validate 56 musical excerpts that conveyed four intended emotions (happiness, sadness, threat and peacefulness). In Experiment 1, the musical clips were rated in terms of how clearly the intended emotion was portrayed, and for valence and arousal. In Experiment 2, a gating paradigm was used to evaluate the course for emotion recognition. In Experiment 3, a dissimilarity judgement task and multidimensional scaling analysis were used to probe emotional content with no emotional labels. The results showed that emotions are easily recognised and discriminated on the basis of valence and arousal and with relative immediacy. Happy and sad excerpts were identified after the presentation of fewer than three musical events. With no labelling, emotion discrimination remained highly accurate and could be mapped on energetic and tense dimensions. The present study provides suitable musical material for research on emotions.


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These musical excerpts can be used for research with ackowledgements of the copyright, © Bernard Bouchard, 1998.
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